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Condemnation for forgery of fingerprint at the workplace

The Criminal Court on Sunday condemned a number of forgers of the fingerprint, specifically the Ministry of Electricity, and ordered them to abstain from pronouncement of punishment. A legal source stated that the defendants will challenge the ruling and demand the acquittal because the abstention is considered a condemnation of the law....

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Release of disciplined police force members

The Ministry of Interior announced the release of all members of the police force who are being disciplined on Saturday for national celebrations. The Interior Ministry's Public Relations and Security Information Department said in a press statement Tuesday that Undersecretary General Mahmoud al-Dosari had issued a decision to release all members of the police force, who were disciplined and only for the duration of each. She explained that the decision, which came under the guidance of the Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Khalid Al-Jarrah Al-Sabah will be applied Saturday, February 24....

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Dossari stresses the importance of strengthening security relations with Iraq

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior, Major General Mahmoud al-Dosari, affirmed on Monday the depth of relations of cooperation between the State of Kuwait and the Republic of Iraq and the importance of joint action to strengthen them, especially in the security field. The Ministry of Interior's Public Relations and Security Information Department said in a press statement after Al-Dossari received in his office the Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to Alaa Al Hashemi that the two sides discussed the bilateral relations between the two brotherly countries, especially with regard to the security issue....

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Fraudulent Real estate development process by millions

New fraudulent property developments in Kuwait, but with extraordinary professionalism this time! It has been learned that there are more than 200 cases currently being investigated by citizens who have been victims of such acts. According to an informed source, some companies have surprised those citizens with the availability of real estate for sale, and marketing them in large exhibitions were sponsored by official bodies, where officials, who were victims in turn, cutting the opening bar of some of these exhibitions. The source said that the smell of these companies began to swell after they paid a monthly salary of 900 dinars to...

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5 thousand violators benefited from the residency violation deadline

The General Director of the Directorate General for Residency Affairs, Major General Abdullah Al-Hajri, stated that about 5 thousand offenders benefited from the time granted to the defectors of the residence by the Deputy Head of the Interior Minister Sheikh Khalid Al-Jarrah, whether to leave or modify their situation from the beginning of the deadline until yesterday. Al-Qabas said that the Indian community occupied the first place in terms of the number of beneficiaries of the deadline, and those who have changed their status or left the country about two thousand out of about 32 thousand. Al-Hajri said that the Egyptian community...

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Arrest of a man for planting a marijuana in his home in adaan area

The Directorate General for Relations and Security Information at the Ministry of the Interior said that «within the framework of the efforts of the criminal security sector represented by the General Directorate of Anti-Narcotics in the imposition of security control and achieving confrontation and directing the control operations against drug traffickers and drug traffickers and drying their sources that threaten social and economic security and break the target segments, The international organization of the citizen, the cultivation of narcotic marijuana in his home in the area of ​​Adaan », noting that« received information to the International Narcotics Control Department that...

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8-year prison time for a preacher for inciting violence in speech

The Criminal Court yesterday sentenced an Islamic preacher to eight years in two cases: the first with a complaint against cybercrime for the publication of a video to incite violence against Shiite citizens and defamation of the Shiite sect, and the second in a complaint filed by a lawyer. On the other hand, the judge ordered the renewal of detention, yesterday, the continued imprisonment of the accused citizen in his quarrel with an Egyptian expatriate to be introduced again. One of the lawyers for the citizen stated: It was found in the report that our client was first beaten "Drenfis" and caused...

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Reduction of the employment of expatriates

8 Government agencies: Reduction of the employment of expatriates in guarding and cleaning Government agencies announced that they have begun to reduce the number of their migrant workers, especially in the professions of guarding, cleaning and handling, and varying percentages of the total numbers contained in government contracts. Eight government agencies participated in a meeting of the Manpower Authority yesterday, in the presence of Acting Director General Ahmed Al-Mousa, to be fully prepared to cooperate on reducing these workers, in response to the general directions of the government on addressing the imbalances resulting from the use of foreign workers in an unthought...

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