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A drug addict kills his Saudi wife with a weapon

A Kuwaiti citizen killed his Saudi wife by firing on her chest to utter her last breath, then handed himself over to the security forces. In the details, a security source told Al-Qabas that the citizen, who was born in 1975, shot his wife in the chest of the Shuzan weapon and then surrendered himself to the Al-Raqqa post. The source added that the citizen is addicted to drugs, and committed this crime because of family problems between him and his wife caused by drugs....

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«Appeal» supports the withdrawal of Kuwaiti nationality for 19 citizens

the Court of Appeal had just issued a ruling canceling the ruling of the first degree, and again ruled that it was not competent to consider matters related to the withdrawal of Kuwaiti nationality. The facts of the case are that 19 citizens of one family were stripped of their Kuwaiti nationality by a decision of the government and obtained a preliminary ruling in their favor. However, the Court of Appeal confirmed the principle that matters relating to nationality are not the courts' jurisdiction. the Court of Appeal had just issued a ruling canceling the ruling of the first degree, and again...

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New year: 650 were arrested and 53 cases were registered

In light of the great efforts exerted by the sectors of the Ministry of the Interior during the weekend and the beginning of the calendar year 650 wanted individuals, civil and criminal suspects were arrested and 53 cases of drugs and alcohol were recorded. The Central Administration of Operations received 4600 communications during the leave, 45,768 citizens (men and women) left the country through land on the weekend, and 221113 new arrivals entered the country from 28/12/2017 until 1/1/2018 through land as well...

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Arrest of an individual in his twenties in abnormal condition

Arrest of an individual in his twenties in abnormal condition Al-Jahraa security forces arrested a citizen in his twenties in the Saad Al-Abdullah area in an abnormal condition while driving a Japanese vehicle. He was carrying narcotics and a white weapon (3 knives). In the details, the security men suspected of a vehicle in the Saad Al-Abdullah area. The driver of the vehicle was requested to be stopped. He was found to be a twenty-year-old citizen in an abnormal condition. When he was searched, he found narcotic substances and a white weapon (3 knives). The operation chamber of the Interior Ministry was...

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Arrest of an Asian individual with 92 alcohol bottles

The security forces arrested an Indian-Indian in Farwaniya province, under the command of Colonel Ibrahim al-Da'i, commander of the region in Jilib Shuweikh, in an abnormal condition while driving a Japanese vehicle. He had 92 wine parked in a school position in a suspicious place. In the details: During the performance of the security men and their usual security and their patrols to maintain security and public order and the implementation of the formation of security teams by the commander of the region Col. Ibrahim Aldai surprised a security officer of a suspicious vehicle in the area of ​​Al-Ghalib Senate has...

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New court order regarding housing advantage

Challenging the equality of citizens based on gender in the advantages of housing .. Rejected On Wednesday, the Constitutional Court rejected the challenge of equal citizenship for citizens in housing benefits and the right to housing. She explained that the housing document is issued in the name of the Kuwaiti husband and wife. In the case of the death of one of them without children before the issuance of the document, it is issued in the name of the other spouse, and the housing laws have affirmed equality between men and women in the provision of housing care. The court said that the...

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The fall of Asians who turned a house in Al Nuqra into a brewery.

Hawalli's security forces managed to arrest Asians, who hold Indian nationality, from a house in the Naqra area running a wine factory with 27 barrels of local wines and processing tools. In detail, information was received from public security officers about the transfer of Indian nationals to one of the apartments in the Nuqra area to a wine factory. The Ministry of the Interior's operations room was informed, a security squad was formed, the factory was searched, the Asians were arrested, seizures were conducted, A report on the incident, and forwarded to the appropriate post to take the necessary action, and...

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Arrest of a wanted individual for security purposes

The security men of Mubarak al-Kabeer managed to arrest a Bangladeshi resident wanted for security in one of the streets of the province . A security source said that during the patrol of security patrol to maintain security and to arrest wanted men and violators, the agents suspected a fast-moving Asian when watching the patrol, and when caught up with him and arrested him with signs of tension and confusion and later found that he is required in cases of theft and absenteeism, where he stole the portfolio of his sponsor and his phone, He has been referred to the competent...

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A Court has cleared an individual accused of drug trafficking

A Court has ruled innocent an individual accused of transitioning “Hashish” into kuwait. The Court of Appeal cleared an accused of bringing 109 kg of cannabis on board an apple shipment from Iran after a court of first instance sentenced him to life imprisonment. The defendant's agent confirmed that his client was not connected to the incident and that the prosecutor's permission was not allowed to give his name. The officer of the incident confirmed that the suspect did not accurately observe the weak lighting in the location of the incident and the lack of papers from any evidence against him....

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Central market fire in Khaitan

The men of the Farwaniya and Sobhan fire department took control of a fire that broke out in a central market in Khaitan area. The operation room of the Ministry of the Interior received a report on a central market fire in the Kheitan area. Immediately, The process of fighting and extinguishing the fire without the occurrence of any human injuries limited to damage only to the material as recorded by a report by the security men of Farwaniya Governorate and was referred to the Khaitan station to take the necessary action....

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