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Cancellation of decision expelling expatriates children from public schools

Refusal to expel the children of the expatriates and the unemployed from government schools. A legal source told Al-Qabas that the claim to expel the children of expatriates from public schools will be challenged before the appeal after it was rejected by a court of first instance. The source pointed out that the Supreme Court ruled that it is not competent to consider the case, which calls for the Ministry of Education to require minors to attend government schools only to Kuwaitis and to prevent students who are resident and absent....

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German car burned in Khaitan

The men of the Farwaniya fire station controlled a fire in a German-made vehicle in the Kheitan area, resulting in material damage without causing any injuries. In the details: The operations room of the Ministry of the Interior received a report on the existence of a fire in the Kheitan area. Immediately, the security men and the firemen went to the Al-Balagh site. The fire was controlled by a record time and the vehicle was moved to the sidewalk by a winch belonging to the Ministry of Interior. Khaitan outpost for action....

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The seizure of a citizen in possession of narcotic substance .. and abuse tools

A citizen was caught in an abnormal condition while driving his Japanese vehicle in al-Jabriya area by the men of Najla Governorate Hawalli. In the details: When the security men in the performance of their normal security work and their patrols to maintain security and public order in accordance with the instructions of officials in the ministry, one of the security personnel were surprised by a suspicious vehicle in violation of the traffic law and was asked to stop the driver of the vehicle, who was found in an abnormal condition in possession of drugs and unlawful items....

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Asian fall with 14,600 tablets of mental stimulus

The Department of Public Relations and Security Information said that the criminal security sector represented in the General Department of Criminal Investigation managed to control the arrival of an Asian national with 14600 pills of psychotropic substances and the amount of money from the proceeds of the sale of these grains. The Department explained that the information received by the Department of Investigation of Mubarak Al-Kabeer governorate revealed the possession of drugs and psychotropic substances for the purpose of trafficking and abuse; after obtaining the necessary legal permission was agreed between the source of the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation and...

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Transfer of injured citizen in Bir al-Abdali by air ambulance

A citizen was seriously injured following a coup in his motorbike in Ber Al Abdali. In the details, the operations room of the Ministry of the Interior received a report that there was an injured citizen after his coup with the firecracker. Immediately, security men went to al-Qahasaniya police station. Upon arrival, the medical emergency was requested by air ambulance. He was transferred to Al-Jahra Hospital to receive treatment. A report on the incident was recorded by security personnel....

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Global consensus .. against Trump

The Security Council meets in an emergency and condemns the President's decision American .. And stresses that the status of Jerusalem is decided by the negotiations US President Donald Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the Israeli occupation has sparked outrage in the Arab and Muslim worlds. As the wave of anger intensified, the Security Council was forced to convene an emergency session, condemning the US decision. The United Nations special coordinator for the Middle East peace process, Nikolai Mladenov, said the status of Jerusalem must be decided through negotiations, criticizing the US decision to consider the city as the...

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«Customs Airport»: the seizure of 2 and a half of the «heroin»

KUWAIT CITY - Kuwait International Airport customs officers managed to seize a heroin that an Asian expatriate tried to smuggle into the country on his arrival from his home. In a statement, the deputy chairman of the customs information committee, the airport controller, Issa bin Issa, said: "An inspector at the Kuwait International Airport suspected a confused visitor while passing his luggage on the inspection equipment." The customs inspector, Nubia by placing the baggage of the intruder for thorough inspection, and found that he put a bag containing about a kilo and 600 grams of heroin in the floor of the...

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A Delegation of the European Union praises the capabilities of the Public Fire Department

The Director-General of the General Fire Department, General Khalid Rakan Al-Makrad, received in his office a joint delegation from the European Union and the United Nations. The delegation includes Ms. Irina Valentova of the European Union, Dr. Adel Radwini and Ms. Alma Valentina, United Nations coordinators for centers of excellence to reduce hazardous materials. The delegation welcomed the guest delegation and looked forward to strengthening international cooperation to reduce the risk of hazardous substances and develop response systems through the exchange of experiences and information through the EU initiative to reduce hazardous substances. The delegation also expressed its appreciation to the team and...

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The interior ministry is studying the possibility of online Iqama renewal

Residency Affairs Department is currently studying the possibility of renewing residencies online. Authorities are stufying various proposals submitted by companies for this purpose, said Director General Maj Gen Talal Maarafi. Maarafi said expats’ residency permits will be renewed online through the interior ministry website, and a search for an alternative to the iqama sticker is underway. He added the online residency renewal project will enhance performance and ease matters for companies and encourage economic movement, besides saving time and effort....

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Formation of a health commission of inquiry into the death of a prisoner

In the case of the death of a citizen who was sentenced to the central prison after his health deteriorated and he died in the hospital, a committee was established to investigate the cause of death after a detailed medical report on the deceased's condition. The source confirmed that the cause of death of the prisoner is a medical error after the amputation of his leg, knowing that the deceased prisoner was old, and died in the hospital Farwaniya days ago....

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