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The arrest of a female doctor with a quantity of abortion pills

Airport officials arrested a foreign doctor working in a private hospital with large quantities of banned pills used in abortions. She brought her from her country and tried to smuggle her into the country by hiding her in a bag with secret caches. Security sources told Al-Qabas that the seizure was carried out in the light of confidential information from one source. It was found that the doctor was working on this prohibited trade by selling abortion pills to Asian expatriates who wanted to have an abortion for 100 dinars per pill. "The investigation with the doctor led to her recognition of...

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Smuggling a kilo of “shabu” drug

Officials of the Department of Research and Investigation in the General Administration of Customs, in coordination with the Land Customs Administration, foiled an attempt to smuggle about 1250 grams of shaboos into the country in a truck driven by an Arab expatriate coming from Iraq. A security source told Al-Qabas that secret information about the exploitation of a smuggler was being smuggled between Kuwait and Iraq to smuggle a shipment of drugs into the truck on which a driver was working....

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The Court of Appeal commits the Ministry of Education to a directive allowance

The Court of Appeal, headed by Chancellor Najib Al-Majid, on Monday ordered the Ministry of Education to pay 150 dinars instead of directing and retroactively to all heads of the ministry's subject sections. Lawyer Mohammed Al-Humaidi told Al-Qabas Al-E-mail that the ruling issued today is a precedent, adding that the ruling was based on Law No. 86 of 2017 issued by the National Assembl...

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Explosion in a kitchen almost caused a disaster in Salmiya

A fire broke out in the kitchen of a building in Salmiya, where a fire broke out in a kitchen and caught fire before extending to neighboring apartments without injuries. A fire announcement was sent to the General Fire Department's fire department. The fire station was led by Maj. Bader al-Kandari. The fire broke out and the fire broke out. In a separate incident, a report was sent to the Public Fire Department's Operations Center stating that a fire broke out in a house in Al-Andalus district yesterday and was destroyed without human injuries....

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The ministry of Interior arrests 14 Asian gamers

The Department of Public Relations and Security Information at the Ministry of the Interior, in an explanatory statement to a video was circulated on some social networking sites, and includes the number of people from Asian communities gambling and the abuse of alcohol in one of the dusty squares in the area of ​​Mahboula. The Department said that the criminal security sector represented by the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation -Mahadi al-Ahmadi- intensified the search in cooperation with the police station of Fintas to conduct security patrols to monitor these persons. The security force managed to control three people playing gambling...

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The tradition of security leaders and the Order of the Knight International

The Secretary-General of the International Organization for Civil Defense and Civil Defense Belkacem Electrosi on Tuesday, a number of security and military leaders of Kuwait and the Order of Knight International in recognition of the organization to support those leaders of the efforts of the General Directorate of fire during the heavy rains in the country last November. Electrosi imitates the Chief of Staff of the Kuwaiti Army, Major General Mohammed Al-Khadr, Undersecretary of the Ministry of the Interior, General Essam Al-Naham, and the Operations and Training Assistant in the National Guard Maj. Gen. Faleh Shuja, the medal of each of...

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Interior Ministry: Explain why not open the registration of voters for this year

According to the Ministry of the Interior, due to the issuance of Ministerial Resolution No. (94) on 5/2/2019 on the call for the supplementary elections to the National Assembly in the second and third electoral districts, which will be held next March 16, in implementation of Article 8 of Law No. 35 of 1962 , Regarding the elections of members of the National Assembly and its amendments. She added on the social networking site Twitter that it was not possible to open the registration of voters this year, to overlap the period of editing electoral tables with the procedures of the...

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6 decisions of the Criminal Court on «Interior hospitality»

The Criminal Court, headed by Counselor Mutib al-Ardhi, decided to postpone the case of «Interior Hospitality» to the session of March 17, and prevented travel of all accused and suspended from work until the dismissal of the case, in the first hearing of the defendants in the case yesterday. The court ordered the Public Prosecution to notify the Ministries of Interior and Finance about the arrest of the released defendants on financial bail and the obligation to attend the trial. In case of default, the court has the right to confiscate the bail and remand them....

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Kuwait contributes $ 1.2 million to Italy

Kuwait has made a financial donation to help re-equip a hospital in the Italian city of Norcia, which was hit by a devastating earthquake in an effort to provide the medical facility with diagnostics and treatment technologies. Kuwait's ambassador to Italy, Sheikh Ali al-Khalid, handed over the donation of 1 million euros (about 1.2 million dollars) to the Italian Civil Protection Commission, which leads the reconstruction work after the devastating earthquake that was centered near the historic city of Umbria in 2016. The donation was handed over to the President of the Civil Protection, Deputy Prime Minister Angelo Borelli and Mayor of...

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