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Invitation to cancel the footprint of the judgment

In a lawsuit filed by employees of the government, demanding the cancellation of the fingerprint of attendance and departure, except in the case of circulation to their managers, the court decided to detain her to the government. In their appeal, staff members said that the fingerprinting of staff without their officials involved a distinction between staff and was contrary to the Constitution....

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HH The Amir receives the members of the Council of Arab and International Relations

His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah received at Bayan Palace on Tuesday the Chairman of the Council on Arab and International Relations Mohammed Jassem Al-Saqr and the members of the Council on the occasion of the Eighth Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the State of Kuwait....

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The court overturns the decision to withdraw vehicles for contravening seat belt and telephone regulations

On Monday, the Administrative Court overturned the Ministry of the Interior's decision No. 1293 of 2017, which included the addition of items 29 and 27 to article 207 of the Traffic Regulations "on the withdrawal of vehicles for two months if the belt is not tied or spoken by telephone" 500 dinars. "Since the lawsuit was filed, we have faith in the safety of our client's position and this decision must be canceled because it is in violation of the law," said lawyer Khaled Hamoud al-Shammari. Al-Shammari added: "We hope that the laws will be studied carefully, all of us with firmness...

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The arrest of Dahes, a cleaning worker in Khiran

Al-Ahmadi's interrogators were able, during a short period of time, to catch the blackmailer who ran a cleaner during his work in the Khiran area. A security source told Al-Qubas that he was identified by the surveillance cameras in the area. The vehicle was identified and after checks the culprit was found. He was a citizen in his twenties, where he justified his escape with fear of responsibility because he was distracted. It should be noted that one of the surveillance cameras in Al-Khairan picked up a video clip of the incident, which has been dealing with social media during the past...

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«Customs»: great achievements in drug seizures

The Director General of the General Administration of Customs of Kuwait, Jamal Al-Jallawi, said yesterday that «Customs» succeeded in transferring the integrated work to more comprehensive horizons through automatic linking between its various sectors, pointing to the achievement of great achievements in seizures of drugs, alcohol and counterfeit goods. On the occasion of the World Customs Day under the slogan "Smart limits for smooth trade, travel and transport", which falls on 26 January each year, Al-Jallawi explained that «customs» is witnessing a qualitative leap in performance and a great development in improving the business environment and moving forward in the use...

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President Al-Ghanim receives a media delegation from Russia Today

the Speaker of the National Assembly Marzouq Al-Ghanim received on Tuesday a media delegation from the Russian channel "Russia Today" on the occasion of his visit to the country. The delegation included First Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Russia Today, Director-General Alexei Nikolov, Channel Director Maya Mannaa, Channel Producer Alexei Solomatin, Senior Public Relations Specialist Anna Pelikova, Media Resource Promotion Specialist Timur Fomin and Middle East Director Raptle Benjamin Diab....

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Campaign against traffic violating vehicles

Al-Farwaniya Traffic Department yesterday carried out a campaign against illegal vehicles, which resulted in the siezure of dozens of vehicles in the area of ​​Al-Rqai, with various violations including parking in prohibited areas and the closure of the road on other vehicles, and deliberately disrupt traffic. A security source confirmed that the traffic campaigns are continuing on all main and subsidiary roads to facilitate traffic and to confront any attempt to break the law and to control violators and evaders...

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The Defense ministry stops the salary ceiling for those wishing to obtain public housing

In a humanitarian gesture from the Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Sheikh Nasser Sabah Al-Ahmad, the Ministry of Defense suspended the salary ceiling decision for those wishing to obtain public housing service, and made the salary ceiling open instead of "the salary ceiling does not exceed 1200 dinars." Military sources told Al-Qabas that this gesture comes in recognition of the Kuwaiti army's soldiers and to facilitate their living conditions in the light of the high cost of living. The decision stipulated that priority should be given to the old military and the older applicants to register with the Department of...

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Promoters wines in the grip of security officials

Farwaniya security officials arrested Asians on charges of possession and promotion of alcohol in Al-Hasawi area on Sunday. A security source said that when a security patrol toured to maintain security and arrest wanted persons and violators, the security men suspected a vehicle commander and his escort. They asked them to stop and did not comply with the orders. They were pursued and seized. When the vehicle was searched, a quantity of liquor was found inside and they were referred to the competent authority....

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