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The body of a Kuwaiti was found in a building under construction in Jordan

The bodies of a Kuwaiti man were found in a building under construction in the Jordanian capital of Amman on Saturday. A security source told «Al Qabas» that the security services opened an investigation into the incident to know the circumstances of the matter, and was informed the Kuwaiti embassy in Amman of the incident....

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«Constitutional» set next Monday to consider the request «Shakal» Tabtabai

The Constitutional Court of Kuwait announced the next Monday, January 21, to consider the application of forms in the implementation of the judgment issued on 19 December last on the unconstitutionality of Article 16 of the Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly, the Court said on Wednesday that these forms raised by Dr. Walid Tabtabai was registered No. 1 For the year 2019. The Constitutional Court ruled unconstitutionality of Article (16) of the Internal Regulations of the National Assembly related to the dropping of the membership issued by Law No. (12) of 1963 with the consequences thereof....

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The referral of six expatriates to the “State Security” entered a prohibited oil area

Six people who entered a prohibited oil area were referred to the State Security Service for interrogation after a report from the oil operations on the entry of those to the restricted oil area in Mina Abdullah. Security sources told Al stated that the three Egyptians and three Asians had entered a prohibited oil area, which was not entered without written permission or identity. However, they infiltrated the area and were taken to Mina Abdullah station, For investigation and the investigation is under way...

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The seizure of wanted persons on checks amounting to 110 thousand dinars

The men of the patrols of the capital stopped a vehicle owner on the Arabian Gulf Street, to find that its commander is required to pay checks worth up to 100 thousand dinars, and it is strange that a person was also caught with the vehicle, is also required to issue checks also worth 10,000 dinars. Security sources stated that the reason for the arrest of the owner of the vehicle is a traffic violation when he entered the opposite of the traffic on the Gulf Street to see the patrol and stopped him to find that he and his companion...

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«Crimes» rejects the appeal against the imprisonment of Hussein al-Maatouk 5 years

The Criminal Court refused to appeal the absentee sentence by imprisoning the preacher Hussein Al-Maatouq for five years and thus became effective against him. The court issued a sentence of 11 years in prison on charges of telephoning and covering members of the Abdali cell, who were sentenced to final sentences by the Court of Cassation....

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A limited number of “bedoun” gathered in Taima .. in a quiet atmosphere

A number of «Bidoun», dozens of then gathered in Taima, Jahra region to express the demands they see legitimate, in a quiet environment. A security source told Al-Qabas that the Ministry of the Interior monitored the sit-in closely and found no need to intervene, as the assembly dispersed in an upscale fashion after appeals were filed....

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«Interior»: stop the issuance of passports of Article «17» for two weeks

The General Administration of Nationality and Passports announced the suspension of issuing the passports of Article 17 for two weeks, except for study and treatment. Security sources told Al-Qabas that this decision is strictly organizational, and aims to regulate the process of issuing passports of Article 17, creating a team capable of absorbing the accumulated requests for passports, and finding an integrated department to accelerate the disbursement operations. The sources added that the decision ban excluded students studying abroad and excluded patients who are treated abroad....

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Interior: Launch of 18 mobile vehicles equipped with cameras to monitor speed violations

Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic and Operations Affairs at the Ministry of Interior Maj. Gen. Jamal Al Sayegh inaugurated 18 mobile traffic control vehicles equipped with cameras to monitor speeding violations on main and secondary roads. He also launched a "point to point" system along the Abdali road to monitor speed overruns. Corresponding to 20 January. The Director of Operations Department in the General Directorate of Traffic, Colonel Yousef Al-Khaddah gave a detailed explanation of the presence of mobile traffic control vehicles and how to monitor them for violations of speed, whether traffic or stability, and how to capture the numbers and...

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Refer a former member of the tenders committee and others to the prosecution

The Spokesman for the Public Authority for Combating Corruption, Dr. Mohammed Abdulrahman Bouzaber, Assistant Secretary-General for Corruption and Investigation, stated that Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Mr. Anas Al-Saleh had been referred at the beginning of 2018 on the basis of Cabinet Decision No. 1657 dated 25/12/2017 A report prepared by a judicial fact-finding committee on some of the members of the Board of Directors of the Central Agency for General Tenders and suspicions, including what was raised on the circumstances of the approval of the Board of Directors to the Ministry of Health directly...

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Execution Management: Selling 58 heavy vehicles to a contracting company for creditors

The General Administration of Execution revealed the sale of 58 heavy vehicles owned by a contracting company, in favor of a number of creditor companies. The administration added that due to the large number of vehicles and the difficulty of transferring them to the building sales in the administration, it was agreed with the creditors to allocate a space in the area Arifjan to deposit cars and sell. She pointed out the presence of large numbers of buyers and sold all the cars on Wednesday, confirming that the total amount of the sale amounted to 528300 «five hundred and twenty-three thousand and...

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