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Abdali Customs seized drugs in a truck

Al-Abdali customs officers were able to thwart the smuggling of a kilogram of shaboos and other quantities of narcotic pills. The suspect was detained in preparation for legal action by the concerned bodies. "A truck driven by an Arab expatriate was passed on the inspection equipment and gave indications about the materials inside," said Abdali police officer Sami al-Sharaf. He added: By subjecting the truck to a manual inspection, four bags of shabo were found, in addition to 2,000 tablets that are likely to be Kptagun, and the suspect and the seizures were referred to the competent authorities....

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Food supplement .. Chemical flavor

Airport customs officers foiled an attempt to smuggle a large quantity of "chemical" material smuggled in a manufactured and sophisticated manner in packages of food supplements imported from a European country. The Customs Director of Air Customs Mohammed al-Humaidi said that the customs officers in the air cargo suspected in the packs of food supplements, and after the opening of the packages it was found that the whole packagings were unloaded from the supplements and refilled in a factory manner in Kikkal prohibited, indicating that the owner of the shipment did not submit receipt to be seized on the seized...

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Kuwait received the bands «Khyber» and «Zob»

KUWAIT (Reuters) - Kuwaiti and Pakistani naval forces will conduct joint training in Kuwait's territorial waters on Wednesday, the deputy commander of Kuwaiti naval units Brigadier-General Khalid al-Kandari said. During the reception of the two Pakistani bands Khyber and Zub, he praised the large and sophisticated military capabilities of Pakistan, pointing out the permanent visits by the Pakistani ships to Kuwait, which receives many naval vessels from around the world. He added that Kuwait was sending students to Pakistan in the seventies and eighties, to receive expertise for its military capabilities large and sophisticated....

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4770 plaintiffs legally sued for 59 million dinars

The number of borrowers who have taken legal action towards about 4770 borrowers have received about 5250 loans worth 59 million dinars, according to a bank statistic up to the beginning of this year, which means that the figures may have changed slightly, according to informed banking sources. Noting that the total number of national borrowers exceeds 429 thousand. The sources confirmed that this number is among the lowest 10 years ago. In 2009, the day after the financial crisis broke out, the number of borrowers with legal action reached about 18,800, and then declined in 2010 to about 13,700, and...

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Airport customs control an Arab expatriate tried to smuggle 4665 pills drug

The T5 airport customs officers seized an Egyptian passenger who attempted to smuggle a large quantity of narcotic pills in Cedri under his clothes. The amount is estimated at 4,572 tramadol and 92 capsules. The new detectors, which have been introduced to the airport customs, which sense what is concealed under the clothes, have contributed to the detection of these seizures, which in turn will limit future smuggling operations....

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«Administrative Court rejects a lawsuit against artists and broadcasters

The Administrative Court rejected the case filed by the Court of Accountability against 28 employees of the Ministry of Information, including artists and broadcasters on charges of receiving salaries unjustly because of their work in places other than the Ministry of Information. The defense of one of the defendants, lawyer Khaled Al-Jabbas al-Qabas: «For some time the Ministry of Information to enumerate a number of names and considered them contrary to the regulations, as they work outside the ministry, and wrote to the Court of Accountability, as they received salaries without right»....

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«Fire»: the death of a citizen after the coup of his vehicle on the road to Al-Mutlaa

A Palestinian was killed on Monday afternoon when his vehicle overturned on the Matlaa road. In the details, the firemen of the Jahra Center, led by Maj. Salah Nama al-Shammari, rushed to a vehicle accident and burned it on Al-Mutlaa road towards Al-Jahra. Upon arrival, the vehicle was found to have burned completely after it was turned over. But was killed on the way to hospital due to injuries he sustained as a result of the accident....

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Symposium «Judicial Studies»: VAT is unfair

The speakers at the seminar on "Value Added Tax between Reality and Practice" held by the Kuwait Institute for Judicial and Legal Studies held yesterday that the determination of any taxes can only be through the National Assembly, and must be studied thoroughly to achieve justice. The speakers described the tax as unfair and caused the economic recession, pointing out the need to take into account consumer segments in any laws or actions taken by the concerned parties. The head of the Department of Public Law at the Faculty of Law at Kuwait University, Ibrahim al-Hammoud, said that VAT is undemocratic,...

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Digital Reality: Measures to Reduce Cybercrime

A member of the Faculty of Criminal Sociology Professor Saad Al-Abdullah Academy for Security Sciences, Colonel d. Badr Al-Khubaisi said that the negative impact of social networking sites is a danger to all youth and society, stressing the need to take the necessary measures to reduce cybercrime. Al-Khubaisi said during his participation in the «Digital Reality» that the use of technology wrongly affects adolescents, pointing out that it is a gateway to the dissemination of behaviors and cultures away from our society....

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