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The Public Prosecution refuses to include state security cases in Amiri pardon

Al-Qabas reported that the Public Prosecutor's Office rejected a proposal submitted by the prison sector and reform institutions "to comprehensively sentence those convicted of state security offenses convicted and held in honor of the Amiri pardon" on the occasion of national holidays like those sentenced in other cases who benefit from the Amiri princely through immediate release or reduction of the period Half or quarter. Security sources told Al-Qabas that one of the reasons for the refusal is that the honor of the amnesty is an inherent right of the Emir of the country and it is his power to issue...

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National Guard: Joint exercises to raise combat readiness

The Undersecretary of the National Guard, Major General Hashim Rifai, stressed the importance of joint exercises and exercises in exchanging experiences, refining the skills of officers and associates and raising combat readiness. During his inspection of the joint training (Shaheen 1), Rifai briefed Brigadier General Saleh Ghoneim on the various training objectives, training stages and the participating units. He also briefed on joint coordination operations and means of command and control in cooperation with friendly British forces....

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72 million dinars .. The value of traffic violations that have been collected this year

One month before the end of this year, the value of traffic violations collected this year amounted to KD 72 million. And security sources for «Qabas» that the procedures of the management of traffic violations of the non-renewal of driving licenses and vehicle ownership books and conversion at the sale of the seller and the buyer are not only after payment of all violations, not to mention the mechanism of collection of institutions and companies when securing vehicles, which may increase funds For the State Treasury....

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Al Khader: We are proud of the advanced level of Kuwaiti army personnel

The activities of the military exercise «Pearl of the West 2018», today, which was carried out by the Kuwaiti army with the participation of the National Guard and in cooperation with the French forces. In a press statement on the sidelines of the conclusion of the exercise in the Adaira area, the First Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Sheikh Nasser Sabah Al-Ahmad stressed the continuous development of military exercises carried out by the army in cooperation with the French forces. Al-Khader said that he is happy and proud of the level reached by the Kuwaiti army and participants in the exercise...

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HH the Amir expresses his sincere condolences on the death of George HW Bush

His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah sent a cable of condolences to the President of the United States, Donald Trump, on behalf of the Government and people of Kuwait, on behalf of the Government and people of Kuwait. American friendly. Recalling his historic and honorable stances towards the State of Kuwait and his rejection of the Iraqi occupation of Kuwait since the early hours and the decisive decisions taken by the American administration under the leadership of His Excellency and his pivotal role in forming the international coalition with the mandate of the United Nations to liberate the...

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Constitutional Court: December 19 ruling on appeal to Article 16 of the National Assembly

The Constitutional Court announced on Sunday that the ruling on the direct appeal of the unconstitutionality of Article 16 of Law No. 12 of 1963 regarding the internal regulations of the National Assembly to the session of 19 December. At the beginning of November, the court announced the appointment of a consultation room on the 14th of the month, which was adjourned to the 19th session to hear the direct appeal No. (5) of 2018 "Direct constitutional appeal" filed by one of the citizens of the third constituency....

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Airport Customs foils smuggling of 3200 narcotic pills

International airport customs officers foiled yesterday an Arab passenger trying to smuggle a large quantity of narcotic pills she had hidden in an innovative way by placing her in an inner lining of leather clothes. A member of the customs information committee, Nawaf al-Matar said that the inspection equipment at the airport building «T4» gave one of the inspectors a sign of the presence of foreign bodies in the baggage of passengers coming from an Arab country bags were subject to manual inspection, where found the grains hidden in different places, including the interior lining jacket Leather, and among other purposes...

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Defense Minister meets with army leaders meeting

Kuwait's First Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Sheikh Nasser Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah stressed the importance of supporting all the interests of the military. This came in a press statement issued by the Kuwaiti Defense Ministry on the sidelines of the meeting held by Sheikh Nasser Al-Sabah in his office on Sunday with the Kuwaiti army leaders to discuss the proposal for allowances and allowances and new rewards. Sheikh Nasser praised the findings of the Military Service Regulations Committee on the proposed new allowances, allowances and bonuses....

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The killer of a taxi driver whose body was thrown in Jabriya

The Ministry of Interior's Public Relations and Security Information Department said that the criminal security sector, represented by the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation, has been able to apprehend the culprit in the case of the killing of the taxi driver in the Jabriya area. She pointed out that a report had been received by the Hawalli Governorate Investigation Department stating that a person was stabbed with several stabs on the ground in one of the dust yards in Jabriya. Immediately, the detectives moved to al-Balagh site. The body was examined and found to be anonymous and stained with blood. In...

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National Guard: Cooperation with the British Army

Assistant to the Operations and Training in the National Guard, Maj. Gen. Faleh Shuja, stressed the importance of training in honing the skills of the guards' employees and enhancing their abilities to perform their military and security role in protecting the vital installations in the country, praising the cooperation with the British army and the importance it represents for exchanging experiences and keeping abreast of military and security developments. Strategic Goals 2020, "Security First" on the ground. Major General Faleh, accompanied by Commander of Protection and Brigadier General Hamad Salem, inspected the joint training Shaheen, which was carried out by the...

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