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38 individuals arrested for residency violation

Sahoud Law Firm and Legal Consultants, Central Lawyers in Kuwait > Kuwait News  > 38 individuals arrested for residency violation

38 individuals arrested for residency violation

The General Directorate of Relations and Security Information at the Ministry of Interior said that among the efforts exerted by the ministry to maintain security and order and impose the prestige of the law and deter violators, the General Directorate of Residency Affairs on Wednesday arrested 38 residents in violation of the law of residency in Farwaniya province in the area of ​​hype and to inquire about them, And they hold the establishment of the article 20 servants, and accordingly have been addressed to the competent authorities to take legal action against them and the right of their sponsors.
The Directorate General for Relations and Security Information confirms the continuation of the campaigns in order to control those who violate the residency law and to respond to them and take the necessary measures against them

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