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Airport Customs foils smuggling of 3200 narcotic pills

Sahoud Law Firm and Legal Consultants, Central Lawyers in Kuwait > Kuwait News  > Airport Customs foils smuggling of 3200 narcotic pills

Airport Customs foils smuggling of 3200 narcotic pills

International airport customs officers foiled yesterday an Arab passenger trying to smuggle a large quantity of narcotic pills she had hidden in an innovative way by placing her in an inner lining of leather clothes.
A member of the customs information committee, Nawaf al-Matar said that the inspection equipment at the airport building «T4» gave one of the inspectors a sign of the presence of foreign bodies in the baggage of passengers coming from an Arab country bags were subject to manual inspection, where found the grains hidden in different places, including the interior lining jacket Leather, and among other purposes set by the passenger to camouflage, and in the inventory of seizures it turns out that it is about 3,200 different pills, including tramadol pills, noting that the reservation of passengers and seizures and forwarded to the competent authorities.

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