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«Appeal» canceled the decision «Insurance» and grant a citizen salary.

Sahoud Law Firm and Legal Consultants, Central Lawyers in Kuwait > Kuwait News  > «Appeal» canceled the decision «Insurance» and grant a citizen salary.

«Appeal» canceled the decision «Insurance» and grant a citizen salary.

Attorney Nasser Al-Ajmi announced that he received a new ruling against the General Organization for Social Insurance, whereby the Court of Appeal ruled that the plaintiff is entitled to his pension and that his disability rate is more than 50%.
Ajami said in a press statement that he filed a lawsuit before the court explaining his client’s claim that he was applying for retirement from his ministry. He was referred on the recommendation of the Medical Board in October 2016, but was surprised during his review of social insurance by issuing a decision denying his salary Pension on the grounds that the disability has less than 50%.
Attorney Ajami went to file a lawsuit, demanding cancellation of the insurance decision with the consequent effects, the most important of which was to grant his client retroactive salary since October 2016.
Ajami thanked the fair judiciary for returning the rights to their owners.

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