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Two of the accused individuals were arrested in a murder case in Benid al-Qar area

The search is still underway for the third The Ministry of Interior's Public Relations and Security Information Department said that the criminal security sector, represented by the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation (MMA), has been able to arrest the perpetrators of the murder that killed an Arab citizen in the Benid Al-Qar area. In detail, the Department of Investigation received a report from the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation on the existence of a murder in the area of ​​Benid Al-Qar where security forces were present at the scene of the crime, where the death of the Arab expat died as a...

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A citizen arrested for beating her servant

The Misdemeanor Court sentenced a woman to one month's imprisonment with work and access, for beating her maid. The facts of the case are that the defendant hit her maid (a Filipina nationality), which gave the prosecution the charge of beating according to the text of Article 160 of the Penal Code. The lawyer, Jassem Al-Omair, was present at the court in defense of the maid. He confirmed that his client had been beaten by the accused. This was confirmed by the medical report filed with the case file, which reassured the court of the defense. , And ordered the referral of...

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Formation of a health commission of inquiry into the death of a prisoner

In the case of the death of a citizen who was sentenced to the central prison after his health deteriorated and he died in the hospital, a committee was established to investigate the cause of death after a detailed medical report on the deceased's condition. The source confirmed that the cause of death of the prisoner is a medical error after the amputation of his leg, knowing that the deceased prisoner was old, and died in the hospital Farwaniya days ago....

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seizure of factories producing wines in «Kebd» region.

The seizure of wine factories in the “kebd” area is managed by 9 expatriates. This was after information was received from Al-Farwaniya security director General Saleh Al-Enezi about the existence of two wine factories in the area of ​​Kebd and instructions from the Assistant Undersecretary for Public Security Affairs Ibrahim Al-Tarrah, who ordered the seizure of the manufacturers and individuals present in coordination with the General Authority For agriculture under the supervision of Mr. Mohammed al-Rish's inspection center. The manufacturers were arrested and 9 individuals were removed from the factories....

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Preventing the smuggling of 150 thousand piles called «Kabti»

Abdali's customs officers foiled yesterday an attempt to smuggle 150,000 kabti narcotic pills a citizen sought to smuggle into the country by hiding them in the rear frame of a four-wheel-drive American vehicle from Iraq. The head of the customs administration, Mishaan al-Saidi, said in a press statement that the advanced inspection equipment and the assistance in the seizure of the goods gave a signal to the customs inspector that there is a density in the rear frame of the citizen's vehicle. The inspector, under the supervision of the head of the Nubia, It turned out to be about 150 thousand...

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