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Dozens saved from fire

Firefighters managed to extinguish a fire that broke out in a building In the area of ​​Jleb al-Shuyukh yesterday, and pulled tens of residents from the center of the fire without injuries. The fire department was moved to the site. On arrival, it was found that the fire started in one of the apartments. The firemen evacuated the building from the residents and combed the fire and destroyed it without injuries....

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The Ministry of the Interior stopped the seizure of vehicles violating traffic

Assistant Interior Undersecretary for Operations and Traffic Affairs Major General Jamal Sayegh issued a decision to stop the seizure of infringing vehicles, and only register the violation until further notice. Security sources reported that this is a temporary step aimed at easing the pressure on the parking garages of the traffic, and to organize the booking process in the future to be through an electronic system showing the location of the vehicle and the type of action taken on them, without the need to review the traffic and take a release paper from traffic departments, Framework for the development of electronic...

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Security preparations: the speed of discounting with suspects

«Secure mosques and places of worship in the month of Ramadan and deal with the suspects» Is the title of the security plan prepared by the Ministry of Interior in cooperation with the Ministry of Awqaf. Informed sources said that the tight procedures required intensifying monitoring of the security situation and the traffic conditions in the vicinity of mosques and places of worship with the distribution of fixed and mobile points for patrols, distribution of the PSP, traffic, rescue and investigation, and other support and support elements associated with the teams of operations. The sources stressed the issuance of clear and...

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Military death in the General Directorate of Special Forces

Security sources revealed the death of a military working in the General Directorate of Special Forces at Farwaniya hospital after getting hit on the head by a falling iron barre at the gate of the guards, profusely bleeding, he was rushed to the hospital where he died. The sources added that the Undersecretary of the Ministry of the Interior for Assistant Special Security Affairs Major General Shukri al-Najjar moved to the Special Forces and directed an immediate investigation into the incident....

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Imprisonment of a colonel and 6 expatriates .. with fines of one million dinars

The Court of Appeal yesterday sentenced a colonel in the Ministry of the Interior for 15 years with work and access, It also sentenced six expatriates between 7 and 10 years imprisonment with work and access, on charges of embezzling the funds of the Police Association. The court fined the defendants one million and 68 thousand dinars, as well as the dismissal of the colonel from his post and the removal of the accused from the country after the implementation of the penalty. The appeal came in favor of the first-instance verdict, after the Public Prosecutor's Office charged the defendants with the fact...

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«Constitutional» supports the continuation of the Court of Ministers to try a former minister

On Wednesday, the Constitutional Court rejected a constitutional challenge to the Law of the Court of Ministers and supported the continuation of the Court of Ministers to try a former Minister of Health and former ministry leaders. The court of ministers decided on January 8 to stop the case on charges of assaulting public money, accused of a former health minister and a former deputy minister and assistant undersecretary of the ministry and forwarded to the Constitutional Court. In its decision, the Court stated that the reference was made to the determination of the case and the constitutionality of article...

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Kuwaiti nurse base salary starting from 1500 kd

Informed sources revealed that a number of deputies are preparing to empty a charge of anger in the face of the government on 16 th, during the discussion of the parliamentary demand for the employment crisis, and listen to the ministerial opinion on the length of waiting for jobs or employment in non-specialization, in addition to the replacement policy. In anticipation of the annual "recruitment" session, which is repeated in April of each year, Al-Qabas learned that the government directed the Civil Service Council and the Ministry of Health to study increasing the salaries of Kuwaiti nurses, in a reference...

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Case of a Kuwaiti killed in Cairo: 6 accused of “crimes”

Egyptian Attorney General Nabil Ahmed Sadiq has decided to refer six suspects to the criminal trial for murdering a Kuwaiti elderly man in his apartment in the Agouza area for theft, after the prosecution charged them with intentional homicide. The defendants admitted in the public prosecutor's investigation of their crime in association with the maid, who opened the apartment and allowed them to enter....

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