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Kuwait contributes $ 1.2 million to Italy

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Kuwait contributes $ 1.2 million to Italy

Kuwait has made a financial donation to help re-equip a hospital in the Italian city of Norcia, which was hit by a devastating earthquake in an effort to provide the medical facility with diagnostics and treatment technologies.
Kuwait’s ambassador to Italy, Sheikh Ali al-Khalid, handed over the donation of 1 million euros (about 1.2 million dollars) to the Italian Civil Protection Commission, which leads the reconstruction work after the devastating earthquake that was centered near the historic city of Umbria in 2016.
The donation was handed over to the President of the Civil Protection, Deputy Prime Minister Angelo Borelli and Mayor of Norcia Nicola Alemanano at a ceremony held at the headquarters of the Commission in Rome with the participation of the representative of the Governor of Umbria Alviero Moretti and international relations officer Khalidi Club.

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