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3 companies trafficking in human beings to the prosecution

The three companies were transferred to the Public Prosecutor's Office on charges of trafficking in human beings. The companies brought in a1,500 workers on government contracts and left them unemployed. A security source said: "The intelligence officials have been informed about a month ago that three companies brought about 1500 workers on government contracts, mostly from the Pakistani and Bangladeshi nationality. After further investigation, it was found that all the workers who entered the country do not work in their companies, And that the delegates of these companies ordered them to work anywhere away from the eyes of the detectives so...

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The National Guard joins the International Union of Police and Gendarmerie

(KUNA) - Sheikh Mish'al al-Ahmad al-Jaber al-Sabah, deputy head of the National Guard, said that the joining of the National Guard to the International Federation of Police and Gendarmerie (FIP) would enhance its capabilities in carrying out its national mission to preserve the country's security and stability. Experiences and simulation of the outstanding experiences of the Member States of the Union. This came in a press release from the National Guard on Monday, after receiving Sheikh Mishal Al-Ahmad National Guard Lieutenant General Engineer Hashim Al-Rifai, headed by the delegation of the National Guard at the meeting of the International Federation of...

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«Defense»: Graduation of the first batch of graduates of the national service

The Ministry of Defense is preparing to graduate the first batch of national service graduates from the National Service Law Payment in January under the patronage of First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Sheikh Nasser Sabah Al Ahmad. Military sources told reported that this batch is regarded as the 46th batch among the graduates of compulsory recruitment since its application in the country since independence, noting that the batch's strength is 460 recruits....

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a egyptian expat stole 60 thousand dinars from a trading company.

the individual admitted to the security officials: « the money has been transferred.. even if you cut me it won't be returned ». Security cameras in the commercial city of Kuwait revealed the allegations of an Egyptian tourist who claimed that a gang driving a four-wheel vehicle kidnapped, assaulted and robbed him the amount of 60 thousand dinars, which he withdrew from the bank in favor of the company he is working for. A security source told Al-Qubas that the novel that the agent mentioned in the kidnapping of the bank, which withdrew 60 thousand dinars in favor of the company -...

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Campaign to stop phone applications for privacy violations

In conjunction with the popular campaign launched by citizens through communication sites to stop the applications of identification and identification of the caller by telephone, phone manufacturers began to stop their services supporting applications. The Apple phone manufacturer will prevent applications that steal users' contacts and exploit them and make money from them, and will alert all developers to implement the new policy or delete their applications from the store. "These programs have the largest database of alcohol, drug and prostitution promoters in their forms, which makes it imperative to stop tampering and the serious movement of officials towards them," said the...

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Two of the accused individuals were arrested in a murder case in Benid al-Qar area

The search is still underway for the third The Ministry of Interior's Public Relations and Security Information Department said that the criminal security sector, represented by the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation (MMA), has been able to arrest the perpetrators of the murder that killed an Arab citizen in the Benid Al-Qar area. In detail, the Department of Investigation received a report from the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation on the existence of a murder in the area of ​​Benid Al-Qar where security forces were present at the scene of the crime, where the death of the Arab expat died as a...

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15 dead in a terrible collision of two buses

Fifteen workers were killed after a collision between two buses running in opposite directions on the road north of the country. For its part, the Kuwait Oil Company announced a collision between two buses were carrying a number of employees of two contractors working near Burgan field. The company said in a press statement that the buses, one belonging to Burgan Drilling Company, the second heavy engineering and shipbuilding company, were carrying workers returning after work in an area outside the areas of operation of the company. She added that the deaths were v Indian nationality, 5 Egyptian nationality, three Pakistani citizenship, two...

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Al Jarah: Strengthening security cooperation with Pakistan

Kuwait's Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Lieutenant-General Sheikh Khalid Al-Jarrah Al-Sabah on Sunday received the Pakistani ambassador to the country Ghulam Dastajir. The Directorate General for Relations and Security Information «Interior» in a press statement that the meeting between the two sides touched on the discussion of matters and topics of common concern, especially regarding the security aspect. According to the statement, Sheikh Khalid stressed the depth of the bilateral relations between the two friendly countries and the consensus on regional and international issues as well as the importance of strengthening these ties in the interest of the two countries....

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«Appeal» canceled the decision «Insurance» and grant a citizen salary.

Attorney Nasser Al-Ajmi announced that he received a new ruling against the General Organization for Social Insurance, whereby the Court of Appeal ruled that the plaintiff is entitled to his pension and that his disability rate is more than 50%. Ajami said in a press statement that he filed a lawsuit before the court explaining his client's claim that he was applying for retirement from his ministry. He was referred on the recommendation of the Medical Board in October 2016, but was surprised during his review of social insurance by issuing a decision denying his salary Pension on the grounds that...

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your life is a trust

By choosing the slogan "Your life is a trust" for the 2018 Gulf Traffic Week, the Ministry of the Interior sumarised all the meanings of humanity, since human life is the goal and the end. It is our social responsibility that we seek by the "Interior" and its men in everything that is positive, and in the interests of the life of the road users, together with efforts and words at the heart for a healthy life....

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