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Procedures for acceptance of conciliation in accidents

The Ministry of Interior has declared that under the supervision of Assistant Undersecretary for Public Security Affairs, Major General Ibrahim Al-Tarah, yesterday, the session of the procedures for acceptance of reconciliation in minor traffic accidents at the specialized training center of the public security sector for officers of the public security sector. He pointed out that the course aims to refine the expertise of the officers of the camps to investigate minor traffic accidents and procedures of reconciliation, pointing out that this would reduce the burden and effort, while reducing time on the auditors....

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Government campaign against fund-raisers

It has been reported that a joint committee of the interior, Awqaf and affairs will launch a campaign to arrest unregistered collectors, whether in camps, stables, social networking sites, mosques and via telephone, either through telephone or through the internet. Well-informed sources said many complaints had been received by the ministries concerned that there were fund-raisers who were devising ways to appeal to donors and were difficult to detect without careful follow-up. She pointed out that the concerned parties will strike with an iron fist to control the offenders and will launch an awareness campaign not to donate only to the licensed...

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38 individuals arrested for residency violation

The General Directorate of Relations and Security Information at the Ministry of Interior said that among the efforts exerted by the ministry to maintain security and order and impose the prestige of the law and deter violators, the General Directorate of Residency Affairs on Wednesday arrested 38 residents in violation of the law of residency in Farwaniya province in the area of ​​hype and to inquire about them, And they hold the establishment of the article 20 servants, and accordingly have been addressed to the competent authorities to take legal action against them and the right of their sponsors. The Directorate...

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«Zaqayr» .. scarcity of some brands of cigarette on the market

«No more cigarette», this has been the words of complained from a large number of users on social networking platforms about the scarcity of cigarettes in the local markets, declaring that the majority of shops are empty of cigarette packs of some brands. Some of the devotees revealed the social networking sites. The reasons for the scarcity of cigarette packs in the country are due to their purchase by citizens of neighbouring countries, because the local price is cheaper, while some went further by calling the “cigarette crisis" an expression of what smokers are suffering from finding cigarettes , Or having...

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The Court Commits “Justice” to Accept Two Citizens as “Prosecutors”

The Administrative Court issued two judgments mandating the Ministry of Justice to accept the papers of two citizens, a year 2015 and entitlement to apply for tests and interviews to fill the position of (prosecutor), including the provisions of accelerated access. "We have filed these suits to our belief in the right of our clients to this position, and there are provisions we have gained and others are awaiting to be issued," said lawyer Mohammed al-Ansari....

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Twenty-five “fake” companies were set up to secure 203 workers.

The General Administration of Housing Investigation, represented by the Department of Investigation, (closured companies section) has apprehended 25 closed companies with information about them. with 203 illegal workers working for them. This was part of an inspection tour of violating companies in Al Farwaniya Governorate. Addressing the Inspection and Labor Department of the Ministry of Affairs to take legal action against these companies....

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Internal: 338 people were absent and wanted, and 571 were against residency

Internal: 338 people were absent and wanted, and 571 were against residency The Ministry of Interior announced that the security directorates carried out several surprise security campaigns in all governorates from 31 December 2017 until 6 January. In addition, 88 persons were arrested in cases of drugs and alcohol, 85 vehicles were requisitioned, 91 cases of theft, forced labor, and a street vendor were seized. In addition, Humanitarian aid reached 1719 in addition to other security and traffic violations....

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Prison time for 19 citizens fighting with “da’ash” in Syria.

A criminal court just sentenced 19 citizens to a 10-year prison term in absentia, fighting currently in Syria and affiliated with the islamic state organization. A well-informed source informed that one of the co-defendants was considered a leader in al-Qaeda and that the investigations found that they were in Syria to participate in terrorist acts....

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A citizen arrested for beating her servant

The Misdemeanor Court sentenced a woman to one month's imprisonment with work and access, for beating her maid. The facts of the case are that the defendant hit her maid (a Filipina nationality), which gave the prosecution the charge of beating according to the text of Article 160 of the Penal Code. The lawyer, Jassem Al-Omair, was present at the court in defense of the maid. He confirmed that his client had been beaten by the accused. This was confirmed by the medical report filed with the case file, which reassured the court of the defense. , And ordered the referral of...

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