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seizure of factories producing wines in «Kebd» region.

The seizure of wine factories in the “kebd” area is managed by 9 expatriates. This was after information was received from Al-Farwaniya security director General Saleh Al-Enezi about the existence of two wine factories in the area of ​​Kebd and instructions from the Assistant Undersecretary for Public Security Affairs Ibrahim Al-Tarrah, who ordered the seizure of the manufacturers and individuals present in coordination with the General Authority For agriculture under the supervision of Mr. Mohammed al-Rish's inspection center. The manufacturers were arrested and 9 individuals were removed from the factories....

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Preventing the smuggling of 150 thousand piles called «Kabti»

Abdali's customs officers foiled yesterday an attempt to smuggle 150,000 kabti narcotic pills a citizen sought to smuggle into the country by hiding them in the rear frame of a four-wheel-drive American vehicle from Iraq. The head of the customs administration, Mishaan al-Saidi, said in a press statement that the advanced inspection equipment and the assistance in the seizure of the goods gave a signal to the customs inspector that there is a density in the rear frame of the citizen's vehicle. The inspector, under the supervision of the head of the Nubia, It turned out to be about 150 thousand...

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