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«Interior» calls the drivers of vehicles for caution due to precipitation

The Ministry of the Interior on Monday called on citizens and residents to be vigilant due to the rains in the country. In a press release issued by the General Directorate of Traffic, the Interior Ministry called on the drivers not to stop abruptly on the roads to avoid endangering their lives and the lives of their users. And called upon the citizens and residents not to hesitate to call the emergency telephone number "112" for any humanitarian assistance, traffic and security, calling on the sea-goers to exercise caution and contact the Coast Guard operations on the number "1880888" in the face...

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Saudi Arabia and UAE offer $ 500 million for Yemen relief

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates on Tuesday announced a new initiative in Yemen to address the humanitarian situation in the country, including an additional $ 500 million earmarked for humanitarian purposes for the Yemeni people. The new initiative launched by Saudi Arabia and the UAE aims to secure food for 10-12 million Yemenis. The initiative was announced by Abdullah Al Rabiah, the General Supervisor of the King Salman Center for Humanitarian Relief and Works, during a press conference held by the UAE Minister of State for International Cooperation. "We will coordinate with the UN organizations to deliver aid to those in...

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Chief of Staff»: «Pearl of the West» practical application

Carried out by the army with the participation of the National Guard and in cooperation with the French forces General of the Army, Lieutenant-General Mohammed Al-Khader, visited on Saturday the field training site for the forces participating in the "Pearl of the West 2018" exercise carried out by the Kuwaiti army with the participation of the National Guard and in cooperation with the French forces. The Chief of General Staff of the Army said in a press statement that he was received at the arrival of the exercise manager and a number of senior officers. The Greens listened briefly to the logistical...

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Cabinet: Committee to prepare photo support for affected by the rain

The Cabinet has appointed a committee comprising representatives of the Fatwa and Legislation Department, the Ministry of Finance, the Federation of Insurance Companies and others in the concerned authorities to prepare the appropriate support for those affected by the heavy rains. The Minister of Public Works and the Minister of State for Municipal Affairs briefed the Council on the efforts exerted to remove all obstacles hindering the flow of rainwater, which caused the accumulation of large quantities of rain. In the main streets, highways and tunnels....

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An officer and a policeman were injured while chasing two youths with drugs

The officials of anti-drug trafficking arrested the two men after being ambushed by a secret source. They were followed by a chase by a lieutenant colonel and a military officer who sustained minor injuries as a result of the collision. Security sources told Al-Qabas, "the two young men, two citizens, were arrested and without possession of a quantity of drugs after they tried to get rid of them during the process of escaping the grip of the detectives, and they were caught."...

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90% of the seizures of drug patrols are invalid!

An early judicial source blew up a surprise of the heavy caliber: 90% of the drug seizures in the streets by patrols ended in innocence due to the invalidity of the arrest and search procedures. But the source revealed in contrast that 90% and more of the CID's investigations end in conviction, for the validity of the procedures that are taken only after obtaining permission from the Public Prosecution and follow the proper steps. In response to the question about the reason for the increase in the verdicts of innocence in drug cases, the source said: Do not blame the courts, because...

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An expatriate stabbed his wife and committed suicide by jumping from the ninth floor

After a bloody quarrel with his wife, a Celtic expatriate stabbed her with knife stabs. He questioned her behavior and then left her in a bloodbath. He threw himself out of the ninth floor at his residence in a building in the Hawalli area to leave life immediately. Security sources reported that the husband and his wife stabbed him with a knife he had taken from the kitchen after a quarrel heard by all the neighbors in the building. They noticed the faintness of the sound and his disappearance, believing that they had reconciled until they heard the sound of the...

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Arrest of a “Justice” employee and his dismissal for “bribery”

The Criminal Court sentenced a staff member of the Execution Department of the Ministry of Justice and a representative of a lawyer for 3 years with work and access. The court decided to dismiss the employee from the job and to deport out of the country after the execution of the sentence, where it was proven that he received bribes 800 dinars through other means to release a prisoner in debt....

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