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Not a Kuwaiti among the “thousand Daashi” in Syria

Sahoud Law Firm and Legal Consultants, Central Lawyers in Kuwait > Kuwait News  > Not a Kuwaiti among the “thousand Daashi” in Syria

Not a Kuwaiti among the “thousand Daashi” in Syria

An informed source revealed that the international coalition forces in Syria recently arrested more than 1000 Daqi, and after the identification of the extradition of 200 of them to Iraq, and the rest will be handed over to the countries they belong to.
The source told al-Qabas: It turned out that the arrested are not currently among them any Kuwaiti, pointing out that the process of fighting «Aldawash» continues, and will reveal the nationalities of the arrested, and handed over to their countries. The source added that the security authorities in Kuwait are still searching for citizens who have left the country for years, whereabouts have not been identified so far, and it is difficult to determine their joining terrorist groups or leaving the country permanently for other reasons.

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