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Symposium «Judicial Studies»: VAT is unfair

Sahoud Law Firm and Legal Consultants, Central Lawyers in Kuwait > Kuwait News  > Symposium «Judicial Studies»: VAT is unfair

Symposium «Judicial Studies»: VAT is unfair

The speakers at the seminar on “Value Added Tax between Reality and Practice” held by the Kuwait Institute for Judicial and Legal Studies held yesterday that the determination of any taxes can only be through the National Assembly, and must be studied thoroughly to achieve justice. The speakers described the tax as unfair and caused the economic recession, pointing out the need to take into account consumer segments in any laws or actions taken by the concerned parties.
The head of the Department of Public Law at the Faculty of Law at Kuwait University, Ibrahim al-Hammoud, said that VAT is undemocratic, not based on the capacity of the real financier, the consumer.

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